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The ISEF is dedicated to providing high-quality educational opportunities for Medical and Master students. We contribute to teaching programs for Medical students and Master students in the Master Degree programs Infection Biology and Molecular Life Science. Further, we support and supervise master and bachelor theses.

Immunology for master students MLS (module MZ5111)

This course is a compulsory optional subject for MLS master students and includes a lecture and seminar series on basic and applied immunology and immunological techniques (6 credit points).

1. Lecture series

The lecture series contains 13 lectures, 2 hours each. It starts with a description of hematopoiesis (the development of immune cells), the basic functions of innate and adaptive immune cells and immunological organs.

Later lectures cover immunity to infection, allergic and autoimmune diseases.

2. Seminar series

The seminar series aims to convey immunological methods and models. It is a literature seminar in which students present papers describing the most relevant immunological methods and models, and how these are applied in research. After the talk, the referent discusses with the audience (students and supervisor).

Students can find more detailed information in the "Modulhandbuch" MLS (

Immunology for students of the international master study Infection Biology (module LS4035)

Course coordination: Prof. Dr. Admar Verschoor

This course is compulsory for Infection Biology master students and comprises a lecture and seminar series that span topics from basic immunology to complex immunological mechanisms in infection (6 credit points). The course takes place once a year in the winter semester. 

1. Lecture series

The lecture series consists of 13 lectures of 2 hours each, exploring innate and adaptive immune mechanisms and functions, from their basic constituents (molecules and cells) to their complex interactions and networks in the context of autoimmunity, allergy and, especially, infection.

2. Seminar series

This interactive seminar series is led by experienced infection researchers and focuses on immunity and infection, ranging from immune protection mechanisms in the infected host to immune evasion mechanisms by pathogens. Each week, students explore the immune response to a particular pathogen, spanning the full range of viral, fungal or bacterial infections.

More detailed information in the Infection Biology "Modulhandbuch