Cell Analyzer

Cytek Aurora spectral analyzer

The Cytek Aurora is a compact benchtop analyzer of the new class of spectral flow cytometers. The Aurora is a 5 laser system: UV (355nm - 20mW), violet (405nm - 100mW), blue (488nm - 50mW), yellow-green (561nm - 50mW), red (640nm - 80mW) equipped with 67 ADP detectors. The usage of three scatter detectors (blue laser FSC/SSC detector, violet laser SSC detector) allows for discrimination of very small particles (< 0,2 µm when using beads). The Aurora capture the emission of each fluorophore over the entire spectrum (from 365 nm to 829 nm). This results in a unique spectral signature of each dye, allowing the simultaneous usage of fluorophores with emission spectra in close proximity to each other (e.g. APC and Alexa Fluor 647 or GFP and FITC). Therefore, multi-color panel with up to 40 markers can be analyzed. The Aurora is equipped with a temperature regulated auto-sampler performing automated sample acquisition from 96-well plates. Data acquisition is performed by the SpectroFlo software.

The spectral flow cytometer Cytek Aurora comprise specific features:

  • Recording up to 35000 events/sec
  • Flat Top Beam Excitation allows stable %rCV at high flow rates which results in equal fluorescent signal detection at Low, Medium and High sample flow rates
  • Analysis of very small particles (like vesicles, endosomes, bacteria, etc.) due to a very high sensitivity of the violet SSC detector
  • Determination of absolute cell number using a volumetric sensor
  • Reduction of cellular autofluorescence for better resolution of dim populations
  • Reference controls and their spectra can be saved in a Spectral Library and reused without staining the control again
  • Multi-color analysis of up to a 40 color panel


Improved user-friendly handling of the experimental workflow using the software SpectroFlo:

  •  Ø  No need to adjust the detector gains
  •  Ø  No need to change optical filters
  •  Ø  No more struggling with spectral overlap due to accurate “Spectral unmixing” algorithm


The Auroa is a self-operated system. Each user is instructed by the operator before being able to book and operate the analyzer. The samples must be filtered and prepared in 12x75 mm standard tubes or in 96-well plates. Please read the documents “SOP Cytek Aurora” and “Start-up and Shut-down Procedure” provided within the PPMS system. More information about the “Auroa - Lasers and Detector Array” can be found on the PPMS webpage.



The BD LSR II benchtop analyzer is designed for advanced analytical research applications using digital signal processing and a flow cell with gel-coupled cuvette. Data acquisition is performed by using the BD FACSDiva Software.  The BD LSR II is a self-operated system. Potential users must undergo a hands-on training before they are able to book and operate the benchtop analyser. Trainings will be given on inquiry by using the corresponding request form in PPMS.  

The LSR II is equipped with 4 lasers:

Laser Wavelength (nm) Output power (mW)
1 488 20
2 633 18
3 561 100
4 405 25

The collection optics of the LSR II is set up to measure 15 color parameters + FSC/SSC. The standard configuration with band-pass and long-pass filters of the BD LSR II can be found in PPMS under My Documents.

Cells for analyzing must be prepared in 12 x 75 mm tubes suitable for Flow Cytometry to fit onto the sample injection port.

All users must stand to the BD LSR II user guide line which can be found in PPMS under My Documents. In addition all users should be aware of the Startup and Shutdown procedure of the LSR II.