About us

Our mission

The Institute for Systemic Inflammation Research (ISEF) was founded in 2008 as a research institute within the medical section of the University of Lübeck (UzL). The ISEF is dedicated to delineate the cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying dysregulated innate and adaptive immune responses in allergic, autoimmune and infectious diseases. For this purpose, we use in vitro and in vivo experimental disease models. Ultimately, we strive to translate such knowledge and advances into new diagnostic, preventive and therapeutic approaches. 

Progress through collaboration

The research projects centered around these topics are currently conducted by six independent research groups broadly networking within UzL as well as with national and international research groups. The ISEF is centrally integrated into research program “Infection and Inflammation”, one of the main research programs of the UzL. It contributes to the excellence cluster (EXC 306) “Inflammation at Interfaces” and the CRU 303 "Pemphigoid Diseases -Molecular Pathways and their Therapeutic Potential". The ISEF shares expertise throughout UzL and beyond, to make sure that the latest advances in the field of immunology are used for translation into patient care.  

Progress through high-end equipment

The ISEF harbors the Cell Analysis Core (CAnaCore) of the UzL equipped with state-of-the-art cell analyzers and sorters as well as a laser-scanning microscope as a high-end platform to perform immunological research

Preparing the next generation of researchers

The ISEF is dedicated to providing high-quality educational opportunities for Medical and Master students. We contribute to teaching programs for Medical students and Master students in the Master Degree programs Infection Biology and Molecular Life Science. Further, we support and supervise master and bachelor theses.

In addition to undergraduate training, the ISEF is dedicated to providing top-quality graduate training. Since 2013, it is home of the International Research Training Group (IRTG) 1911, a PhD and MD/PhD program focusing on the immunoregulation of inflammation of allergy and infection. It is a joint endeavor of the UzL with the Leibniz Research Center Borstel as the national partner and Cincinnati Children's Hospital and the University of Cincinnati, OH, USA as international partners. Further, the ISEF contributes to the RTG 1727 “Modulation of Autoimmunity”. Also, the ISEF provides research training opportunities for postdoctoral fellows and clinical fellows.