The role of the intracellular ‘C3 and C5 systems’ in lineage development

We have conclusively shown that intracellular C3 regulates Th1 induction and contraction. We hypothesize, however, that this system impacts on cell phenotypes much earlier and may be involved in myeloid and adaptive immune cell development per se.  We have generated novel floxed C3 dTomato reporter mice and are currently assessing with Prof. Christian Schulz from the University of Munich and Dr. Deena Gibbons (King’s College London) where and when C3 is expressed during monocyte and T cell development and how the deletion of C3 during different phases of cell development impacts on normal lineage induction. We are currently generating floxed C5 GFP reporter mice and will perform similar experiments with these animals when available. Knowledge about the impact of this system on cell development will hopefully enable us to positively impact regenerative measures (e.g. stem cell therapy) in degenerative diseases.